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I have HOT OFF THE PRESS copies of Ekhart Yoga DVD’s to giveaway in this month’s competition.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Esther Ekhart, she is the YouTube sensation that I first discovered a few years ago online. We finally met this year at the Yoga Show and she’s even lovelier in real life. Ekhart Yoga was founded in 2011 by Esther Ekhart, Bas Paul, and Ruud Voerman. Esther and Bas started creating short, free Yoga videos for YouTube in 2008 while living in Ireland. The videos became very popular over the years (more than 20,000,000 views by 2012!) and Esther received many requests for longer online yoga classes.

With a following of over 60,000 and over 20 million views on YouTube she must be doing something right and Esther has kindly offered Yoga Geek readers the chance to win one of 4 copies of her latest DVD’s. You can choose from Joyful Backbends with Sandra Carson or Seven Daily Yoga Practices with Esther herself.

All you need to do to enter is complete the following by midnight on the 16th December :

  1. In the comment box below please let me know what it is you want to learn more about in your yoga journey
  2. Follow these links to like the The Yoga Geek and Ekhart Yoga Facebook pages
  3. Tweet the competition- you can use the link below.
Good luck everyone.

The 4 lucky winners will be announced before Christmas so that you can have the DVDs in time for the holidays.



64 thoughts on “Win – Ekhart Yoga DVDs

  1. How to practice proper form at home without an instructor to watch if you are doing it right.

  2. I’d like some suggestions for getting back on track with the yoga practice after a period of illness or injury. Especially how to deal with fallbacks

    Namaste, Johan

    • Hi Johan, next week Friday (dec21st) I will upload a somatics routine on the website ( which is amazing to do when you have a fallback :)

  3. I am constantly looking for different warm up routines and also different poses, especially new balance poses. Thank you very much

  4. Hi. I have been practicing yoga for a year and a half now. I wish I had started earlier in life. I’d like to learn about how to find inner peace of mind, learning to accept my limitations as well as to explore my physical and spiritual boundaries.

  5. As someone dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, there are many poses that need modifications. I would like to learn more about safe alternatives.

  6. do you need to avoid certain asanas if you have high blood pressure even if the posture does not seem to bother you?

  7. I want to learn the individual poses better and eventually be able to put them together into a practice I can do daily.

  8. Love Esther. What I would like to work on in my yoga practice is developing a consistent home practice. I also would like to learn how to be more understanding of my body when I want to move deeper and my body doesn’t seem to want to.

  9. Win the yoga video ..

    I need to learn how to do the basic posts correctly, for example ; the downward dog & snake post – there are too heavy on my arms. There could be a special session designed for those who have knee problems or back problem. These would be great.


  10. Hello, My name is Haley and I have been doing yoga for about 7 years. I am currently in nursing school and I am really seeing the benefits of yoga as far as stress reliever and keeping mindfulness. I want to learn more about discipline when it comes to doing yoga. I have never been able to do yoga at home on my own for a consistent amount of time. I always have to join a class or group. How can a start a daily practice and commit myself to yoga at home?

  11. Re-starting a yoga practice is the hardest thing for me. I need a support community. I love Esther’s work and use some of her YouTube videos with my stress management class in social work. I would love to own her dvd

  12. Yoga teaches me about my space within, inner calm and source of strenght. Plus when practicing, I am loosing my barriers I made a a unfit kid in my head – and I feel as I develop again – a new chance for a new beginning without inner constraints.

  13. My intention is to feel safe enough to let things go through my breath. The more I practice the more there are moments when taking deep breaths are challenging and I must really double down with focus to just allow the sensations and emotions to make their way out. In hindsight I know this is progress… :)

    Followed and tweeted by @chakragirl.

  14. I would like to learn more about incorporating a short invigorating session into my busy 12 hour day – maybe a lunch/office yoga. Thanks.

  15. I watch all of Esther’s you tube sessions and she has enriched my yoga journey with her easy to follow classes online. I would like to learn more about how yoga connects us to our true selves and to incorporate this into daily life as I feel it is our natural state! : )

  16. Hi,
    I’ve been following Esther Ekhart on youtube and praticing yoga with her since a few months.
    I would like, if I am lucky, ANY YOGA DVD that you have mentionned since I am interested in always learning and trying out news approches.
    Thank you!

  17. Through yoga as a beginner, I have learned more than I know. I have learned to be patient with my body. I have learned to trust myself. I have re-learned that the body already knows what to do. I have learned that yoga is about being kind to myself emotionally and mentally, even though yoga can be challenging physically. I have learned to embrace exactly where I’m at every time I practice yoga (which is a huge deal).

  18. I would love to learn more about props and alignment for certain poses. I still have difficulty at times! Esther Ekhart is absolutely wonderful. I have been watching her videos since 2009 and she is the main reason I discovered yoga. She always gives simple instructions and her voice is calming. LOVE her.


  19. I enjoy Esther’s videos for her soothing voice and lovely personality. She helped me so many times to relive the pain in my back and to feel fresher and stronger. I would love to keep working with Esther and only Esther!

    • Jelena, we are doing a teacher training later on in the year so we will keep you posted in case you are interested to further your training.

  20. In my yoga practice I always try to connect (to myself, to my breath, to something bigger) and to balance yin/yang energies, but I have certain limitations in my physical body which can make it hard to do certain poses evenly on both sides.

    I hope to learn more about self acceptance and love for your own body through my yoga practice. <3 e

  21. I’ve been practising with Esther for two or even three years and I think she’s a great teacher – her instructions are so clear and easy to follow. In my yoga journey I would like to find more peace while practising, I still cannot “turn off” my mind,and my thoughts run through my head. I would like to win Esher’s DVD.

    • Dont worry Ewelina, the object isn’t to turn the mind off but to maybe turn the volume down, the mind and thoughts always continue but by refining our yoga practice we become more sensitive to our bodies and how they are feeling thereby turning the thought volume down. Keep practicing x

  22. I like to learn proper form and also to live the yoga mind I learn on the mat in my life, to give it away with as open a heart as I can muster.

  23. I’ll be a new mom in 2 months, so I’m hoping to continue my yoga practice at home after my little one arrives! Esther always introduces me to a new perspective or sequence.

    • Congratulations Melissa, you’re in for a treat with a new bambino, just take it easy, enjoy being mummy and learning all about your new bubba and in time your yoga practice will return. My favourite things to do when I first had my daughter was relaxation

  24. I want to learn new variations of asanas and sequences that help open specific areas of the bodies, including the chakras.

  25. I would like to rebuild my inner strength get my fine muscle strength back.

    • Its in there Lisa, just take some time to be with yourself, meditating, spending time with friends, do something that makes you laugh, dance if you can, keep going x

  26. Discovered Esther through a sychronous Internet search. She is a valuable resource to the yoga community! I thoroughly enjoy her teaching style, and have gratefully incorporated some of her routines or certain asana into my classes.
    I love to listen to her!

  27. I would like to be able to banish fear — to let go in a yoga pose and know that everything will be all right.

    • Gaya, everything will always be ok, yoga practice will give you that security and knowledge that its ok, do some standing poses to ground yourself and work on focusing on your feet as you walk to give you some of that grounding feeling and stability.

  28. Esther’s patient and kind lessons have encouraged me to keep up my practice through the good months and not-so-good. As my yoga journey continues, I want to learn more strategies for managing my anxiety and staying mindful of my overall wellness. Retweeted & liked by @nikkihuiras

  29. I Wish for a way to free myself in order to hopefully and firstly find myself, which I had never did before. I hope the journey in the path of yoga will offer me such fulfillment.

  30. I wish to continue the journey I have started (with Esther) through yoga to find a place in me to settle down.

    • You put that so beautifully, how nice to find a place to settle down. Its always within us Dror so make that space to find the inner peace and once you remove all the outer tensions you’ll find it.

  31. Hi!

    I’d like to learn what the 7 daily yoga practices are, I am also in the process of healing my asthma and a shoulder injury so i’d have the intention to use the 7 daily practices to help that.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Louise – I think you won one of the competitions recently, can you email me your address as you either won the eye pillow or yogagenda but I didn’t hear back from you

  32. I have been practising yoga on and off since my late teens (that’s 2 decades already!!) however only recently have I started to prioritise it in my life- since starting a BWY Foundation Course. I love how it is changing my life and becoming part of who I am, not just something I do. I look forward to deepening my understanding of the asanas and the philosophy and origins of yoga, I look forward to bringing into my life even more and I look forward to sharing it with my children and giving them the advantage of seeing the world from a “yogic” perspective…

  33. Yoga helps me to get closer to surrendering, acceptance and being in the now. I would like to develop this further and I would also like to improve my inversion techniques from dvds etc- ie no instructor present… Thank you.

  34. I would love to reduce my lower backpain (tailbone) and find my way into backbends and other more challenging poses.

  35. In my yoga journey I want to learn more about how much my body can do. Some of the poses look so hard, but they are so beneficial. I’m also looking to get in shape and reduce some of the pain in my hips and knees.

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