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Katy Appleton of appleyoga has bought out these four new DVDs based around the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each DVD has two 45 minute practices – one solar, one lunar. A great accompaniment to your home practice.

All the flows are uniquely devised to work with the essence of each element, cultivating these qualities within your practice. They provide a range of flows from dynamic and empowering, to rejuvenating and soothing, so there is something for all to enjoy.

The Yoga Geek has 8 DVDs to give away – all 4 to the main winner and 1 of each to 4 runners up.

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3) Leave a comment below about where your first yoga class was and what you loved (or maybe didn’t love) about it.

22 thoughts on “Win appleyoga DVDs

  1. To be honest I can’t remember my first Yoga class, though I can remember practicing at home to various videos before DVD’s and it was the pure sense of relaxation I felt after practice that kept me going back to my practice which has slowly built up over the last ten plus years.

  2. My first yoga class was in 1996 at the Leisure Centre in Leiston, Suffolk. I loved the fact it helped me cope with the demands of being a secondary school teacher (which I was at that time). Since that class Yoga has been the one constant in my life and I qualified as a yoga teacher earlier this year :)

  3. My first actual yoga class was about 17 yrs ago in a gym which I can’t really remember but after a break I came back to it 4 years ago by trying Bikram yoga and that I will never forget. Even though the heat was intense, I felt amazing afterwards so present, calm, warm and relaxed. Since then I haven’t looked back! Yoga has completely changed my life.

  4. My first yoga class was with Katy Appleton herself in Southfields. I went along because it was close to my house and a friend recommended it. Even in that first beginner’s session Katy led me to a point of clarity and ease in my mind that pointed me in a different direction in my life and which has ultimately, six years later, led me to another city, another job, another entire life. Through this six years of exploration of yoga on several continents, and even training as a yoga teacher myself, I have yet to find a better teacher than Katy, who is knowledgeable, safe, focussed, inspirational, structured, instinctive, kind, professional and enthusiastic!

  5. I remember my first yoga class so clearly, although it was 14 years ago during my first year at university in Liverpool. The teacher was so calming and such a beautiful spirit, I learned a great deal from her over the next three years and found yoga to be a huge help throughout my degree – especially during stressful exam periods. I remember being a bit surprised when we were all told to lie in shavasana at the end of the class and covered in blankets – not what I was expecting but I will never forget how invigorated I felt after that first experience.

  6. My first class was 10 years ago in a gym. I enjoyed it then, but now I understand yoga so much better, studying with so many wonderful teachers, including Katy’s amazing classes and it’s a much bigger part of my life.

  7. My first Yoga class was about 7 years ago. It was a Sivananda style class, so relaxing and realised then that this was for me. I have gone on to do my teacher training. I love Katy’s style of yoga having been to several of her workshops.

  8. I fell in love with yoga at my very first class nearly 15 years ago in Copenhagen. It was Satyananda yoga and I felt like I had come home (to myself!). Since then its been a journey of many teachers, many styles and although my main practise is vinyasa flow I still join the odd Satyananda class and enjoy a yoga nidra once in while.

  9. I clearly remember my first yoga experience in London over 4 years ago. It was a summers day, it was hot (yes, hot in London!) and as if that wasn’t enough, half way through the class a wasp landed on me. It was a real test for both myself and the teacher as I tried to breathe calmly whilst the teacher maintained the flow ofthe class! However, in a rather beautiful way it really highlighted some of the fundamental elements of yoga; finding inner strength and staying focussed, regardless of day to day distractions.

    I have most recently attended gorgeous Katy Appleton’s classes in Pimlico, London before gaining my Yoga Alliance Teacher Training qualification in Bali this August. I’m excited about where I am at in my yoga journey, the next chapter that lies ahead of me and how far I have come since my encounter with the wasp!

  10. My first yoga class was about 12 years ago, I went to a yoga studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico, that was full of older ladies. I really didnt know what I was getting into but I tried it. Because the crowd was older people the class was very slow and full of OOOOMMMMMMMM’s and I was a bit thrown off by it. Still I didn’t give up. I then went to the University Gym and tried it there. The instructor was a weird looking guy that for some reason liked wearing white tights for the class… I still kept going. I wasn’t going to get discouraged by humming old ladies or distracting white tights. So I booked a yoga retreat in Jamaica (Negril yoga cantre-can’t wait to someday go back) for a week and was sold on it! The yoga retreat felt like my true first experience. I hope I wind this DVD’s so I can go back to doing yoga in my own little oasis (the place I also call HOME!)

  11. I can clearly remember the day of my very first yoga class – Friday 14 June 2002. I was so excited that my gym was laucnhing a yoga class as it was something I had wanted to try for a long time but had struggled to find a local class.

    I fell in love with yoga at that first class. After the class I felt so relaxed yet so energized and I probably had the best sleep of my life after that first class.

    Since then, I have gone on to try many different styles of yoga and have learnt from so many wonderful teachers however I am still drawn back to my first teacher as I have learnt so much from her.

  12. My first yoga class was one I attended aged 14 with my mum at a local community centre. I had very little idea what it was about when I entered other than thinking it was a bit of exercise! Our teacher was a lady in her 60s. I soon realised that yoga was a way of life and it inspired me to keep going to the classes. It was a nice bit of peace and I always slept well after class. Since then I’ve learnt more and have so much more to learn. It’s only within the last couple of years that yoga’s spiritual aspect has opened up to me, and it brings new insight in every practice.

  13. My very first yoga class was at my local LA Fitness when I last had a gym membership, but (being rather unwell at the time) I am sad to say that I cannot remember a great deal about it..
    However, having been interested in yoga since much younger (my first yoga DVD being Geri Yoga!), I took my first ‘proper’ yoga class this year at the Yoga Show in London with Tara Stiles and absolutely loved it!!
    I love the way that yoga allows me to connect to my body and go inside, to a more peaceful place within…one quote which summarises how I found yoga is this, from Chelsea Roff – ” That’s beautiful thing about this practice: It lures you in with the promise of a perfect body and rock hard abs, only to deliver a much deeper, more nourishing experience.” <3

    • Congratulations Tannis, you have won all 4 DVDs, Congratulations, please email me kirsty at theyogageek dot com with your address so we can send you them.

  14. Wow, you never forget your first time, eh!?
    My friend Sarah took me to my first class back in 2000 in Bondi, Sydney. Who would have thought 12 years later, that i would have graduated as a yoga teacher, with Sarah attending my classes.
    I don’t remember much about that class other than the warm, weloming atmosphere and the gentle approach of the teacher. Lying in savasana with a lavender eye pillow, who knew such simple pleasure existed!
    Being broke, I couldn’t afford to do the classes and only picked them up again a year or 2 later back in Dublin, Ireland. A fab Appleyoga dvd picked up in Marks & Spencers supplemented my sporadic practice throughout the penniless days of my twenties. Sadly i lost it somewhere along my travels. My practice has touched on several styles over the years but i always come back to the gentle hatha approach of that first class. I wish i knew who the teacher was so i could thank her for starting me on my yoga journey.

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